Indian Summer

Fall is my favorite of the seasons, can't wait for it to cool down a bit more so I can start layering it up! until then I'm keeping it light with tops like this one from Rod's- I paired this taupe top with a touch of cream, black, burnt orange & blue which coordinates with turquoise of course, a simple pair of skinnies, Harley & Maudes jewels and a Big Chief grain sack tote -you can find these goodies at Rod's Western Palace. Oh and of course I finished it all off with rust booties (my curent fav color) from Matisse.  

Apps that REALLY save you money!

If you are like us, you enjoy shopping! If you are also like us, you enjoy saving some money! Who doesn't? We tested some of the apps that claim to save you money, or give you perks. These are our top 2 totally legit apps that give you kickbacks for things you are already doing, and take little effort to use. We are only into easy-peasy!


This app and site is by far the best out there! The majority of large online retail sites, as well as MANY smaller sites. Totaling over 2,000 different sites. If you shop on Sephora, Amazon, Walmart, Ulta, Nasty Gal, Nordstrom, or eBay, you need this!

To activate the % you will get back from your purchase on the app:
Go to the Ebates app on your phone, click on the store you wish to shop (the % back is always listed by the store). You are then redirected to the site you wish to shop, with the cash back activated! Thats it!

To activate the % you will get back from your purchase on a computer:
The best thing to do is download the Ebates toolbar button. It will automatically send a pop-up stating the % any given shopping site is at that moment, with a button to click to activate. Then just shop!!!! If you do not wish to download the toolbar button, you can simply go to Ebates, click on a retailer, and shop!

If you shop online, YOU NEED THIS!!!! Some months I have received over $50 back. Plus if you follow our link, you get a $10 sign up bonus!

2. Shopkick

This app tracks shopping habits, by offering points when you active Shopkicks before walking into a store (such as Target, CVS, Walmart, Kroger, Ulta, Best Buy, Grocery Stores & TJ Maxx). You receive a set number of "kicks" when you walk through the door, which you can redeem for gift cards to these stores. The gift cards are sent right to your phone and can be scanned like any physical gift card.

You can also receive kicks by shopping or scanning products in the store.

Thoughts on my mind with an outfit

Hey guys!

Long time no talk! 

Sorry bout that, i know y'all understand how life works & how crazy it gets. Seems like it's just easier to post a quick tidbit here and there on Instagram. Life has been wonderful lately, well other then the fact that all the best musicians are heading to that big beautiful place in the sky. 

I've been working on a new project with my leatherwork called MesteƱo, it's something I'm super passionate about & excited to see all the opportunities it presents me with. If you want check out @mesteno_co on Instagram to see what it's all about. 

We have a bottle baby on the ranch right now named jack, and let's just say If I could keep him in my house without getting caught, you know who I would be cuddling with every night. 

Zack has been floored with music lately, they're getting ready for their latest record to come out on June 10th, it's called walkabout and I am telling you guys its top knot! Be sure to check out Dolly Shine music for all the latest updates & for a show near you. 

June & July are going to be crazy, my baby brother gets married & then I head to Nashville for CMA fest, then from there it's basically up to Calgary for the Calgary Stampede & then all over for the rest of the summer. One day I'll be home long enough to finish our house remodel. 

Anyhow that was a lot of somber thoughts & a lil bit of catch up in my life. Here's some pictures of an outfit that is perfect for summer days or nights. 

The top can be tucked in or out I picked it up at from Hazels Fashion Wagon. 

The shorts are H&M

The turquoise buckle was made by Missy Redford at Redford Ranch style

Bed stu sandals I picked up at Teskeys.

Clutch handmade by me @mesteno_co 

Custom shaped arrowhead American hat from the best guys at Best Hat store in Fort Worth 

Closing thought for the day. 
Rest easy Guy Clark, see you & Townes on the other side. 

Boots N Bling Ladies Night 2016

If you couldn't make it to the National Cowgirl Museum And Hall Of Fame's Boots N Bling Ladies Night last year, you missed out! But, you can still make it this year. It will be full of inspiring woman that love the western lifestyle and fashion. I spoke with Tara Task, who is putting on the event for the lowdown! 

Manda Belle & Rachel at the Boots N Bling show's Fitting
Just wait until you see the looks that are in the show!

When did the fashion show start and how has it grown? 

The Boots ‘N Bling Ladies Night event started as an idea in 2014 with it becoming a reality in April 2015. I took on marketing for The Shop at the Cowgirl in 2014 after a year with the Cowgirl Museum, and I saw the need to have a special night that focuses just on The Shop at the Cowgirl and our unique shopping experience we have to offer. I was a part of a ladies night at the Black Hills Stock Show Rodeo and thought the Museum would be the perfect platform to utilize the idea. I tend to put heavy emphasis on the fashion show portion of the night as that is what makes my heart skip a beat and the event night full of sparkle.

What should ladies expect to see? 

They should expect to see a beauty bar with spa and salon services, shopping in The Shop at the Cowgirl, Texas country music artist Rehme Sutton playing live, delicious bites and drinks, a fashion show with two look sets – classic cowgirl looks and contemporary cowgirl looks, along with giveaways, gift bags, and cowgirls getting together with their girl friends for a fun night out.

What type of vendors or activities will there be? 

We will have Best of Zuni trunk show showcasing vintage and unique turquoise jewelry; a Beauty Bar with vendors ranging from hairstylists, chair massages, makeup and nail art; Magdalena’s will be serving special Mexican hors d'oeuvres and TX Whiskey will be the choice cowgirl cocktail of the night. We will round out the evening with a fashion show featuring items from The Shop at the Cowgirl, Justin Boots, Charlie 1 Horse, and CITY Boots followed by an opportunity to walk our step and repeat for some great photos with your girlfriends after a fun evening of getting dolled up.

Who is the show for? 

 The event is for ladies ages 21+ who love shopping, socializing, and sipping!

There is a lot of excitement surrounding the new things the Museum is doing. Can you give us a heads up on what is to come and what is new? 

We just completed our first floor renovations last summer and we are looking toward starting our second floor renovation sometime in 2017. If you haven’t seen what we have in store, you will want to click here to watch our special renovation video on our YouTube channel:

National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame
1720 Gendy St
Fort Worth, Texas 76107

May 12, 2016
5:00pm - 7:30pm

Tickets Available:

Grab your girlfriends May 12 and make sure to tell us hello when you see us!

Some Historical Fashions found in the Museum that Inspired Us!

Because Sterling Weighs A Lot!

One of the loves of my life is most defiantly jewelry!

I have acquired a collection of vintage and collectable pieces that I love to put to use. But, if you are a frequent traveler, you know that having things stolen from your luggage is bound to happen! I have had accessories, jeans, and even a leather jacket taken. Keep in mind that accessories are not covered by the airlines, if they are stolen. It is only large articles of clothing and shoes. So, pretty much only the things that would be difficult to steal. If it can be easily concealed, you are out of luck...

For this reason you should NEVER put your jewelry in your luggage!!!!!!! Along with sun glasses, nice purses, or other accessories you will miss. 

Because of the constant traveling, carrying around a purse or bag with 10 lbs of sterling can sometimes sound awful when you add on a computer, kindle, headphones, and camera! For this reason, if I am going somewhere and don't want to deal with an extra bag of jewelry in my carry on items, I will bring along some fun quality price point items that do not weigh as much as a baby.

Genuine June is a fantastic company, with some unique and fun designs! I love that her designs are always changing (I hate to match!) and are perfect for *just because* gifts for your lady friends with the price range $12-$32.

Check her out on her Etsy Genuine June Designs, or follow her on Instagam to find out which shows and markets she will be in if you are in Arizona!

Insta Post Catch Up

In this world of social media, there are so many mediums to check on, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blogs, and your Grandma's chain can be hard to keep up and catch everything! If you don't follow us on Instagram, here is a bit of what you missed! @theturquoiseteepee

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