How sterling saved my life! (Ok, just my outfit)

Last night was one of those, not-so-hot, but not-so-cold nights. Along with the fact that humidity is OUT OF CONTROL! Therefore, my hair has been up everyday...and I hate that! Some days, oh heck yes! I love a good braid or bun! But not every, single, day...Enough of my complaining(but you girls with humid sensitive hair get it). 

With my suitcase running out of options, one of those times I didn't style out my outfit ahead of time. Why didn't I?!?!? So now I am reworking a few articles.
I feel with my whole entire heart, that a few pieces of old sterling jewelry can class up any outfit. Don't get me wrong, the knockoffs can look great, but if I wear knockoffs I try to mix it with the real stuff. There is just a difference in high quality pieces. I call these my investment pieces and they are worth collecting.

So with my thrown together outfit I feel put together once I add sterling concho earrings, and a sterling concho belt. I also add two turquoise bar necklaces, that I always layer with each other.

-Manda Belle

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