Arizona Bound

One nice thing about my job is the amount of the country I get to see. I mix up the flying and driving. Do I want to be felt up by TSA, and have things stolen from my luggage (which happens A LOT)? Or do I want a four hour trip to be a 168hour one and drive? But all in all I know how lucky I am to live the life I do and love every minute of it!

This trip with am undecided length of stay and my hatred of being away from my puppies for so long, I opted to make the drive from TX to AZ. While my route takes me through a lot of nothingness west Texas and New Mexico. The southwest icons that beautifully littler the towns and even gas stations along my way bring joy to my heart. 

Although none brought as much joy as the one that appeared just as I was rolling in on fumes. Mind you, getting low on gas is something I never do! But you know, long drive, mind wonders, the gas light on the rental car doesn't light up as bright as you think it should, plus it's in a weird place...

Anyways...Zorro, Lady Lulu and I made it to our destination. The land of beautiful mountains, canyons, and jewlery! 

Aren't they just the cutest?!

Yes, this 6" thing is for real...

Every time I drive by this, it's a sad reminder the Sleeping Beauty mine is closed. And the public is no longer welcome as the sign implies!

-Manda Belle

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