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Guys! Hi!

Today I'm doing a quick fall/summer transition outfit. Super easy, yet, on the verge of modern day fashionista, all the way to that classic western look we all love!

So I know this is my first outfit post and I could give you some long lengthy novel on my background in western wear & why you should read my posts about fashion & blah, blah, blah, or I could just jump right in to it! I'm gonna just go for it & free fall on the way down....cause after all, that just means I'm flying. 

So, I'm in Austin for work right now & there was one of the most intense lightning storms I've ever seen in my life last night. It was wicked, awesome. Which is what got my idea for my outfit today Rollin....what wickedly awesome outfit could I wear tomorrow when I know it's going to be  cold & dewey in the morning & hot in humid in the afternoon (thank you texas for PMS weather)....ba-bam, seriously, it came to me that fast. I thought why not wear a tank with that cute cardi you just got from Cavenders in the morning, & then in the afternoon switch to that awesome vest you got from Allen's Boots (both located in Austin, Tx) & adorn it with the custom necklaces you (me speaking to myself) & Manda R. made & then cuff your skinnies. I have this weird thing going on with cuffing my skinnies right now, they show just a little bit of skin in between my shorties, pushing the edge, definitely! But, I love it, that doesn't mean you have too, I just find it a fun way to incorporate modern fashion into the western industry. Top it all off with my shorties (ankle boots) from Ariat, adorned with the best lizard print ever & beautiful stitching details on the shaft, & toe that tie in so beautifully with my hand stitched vest. And there it was, my ba-bam outfit. It was a given, easy summer/fall transition outfit. 



Vest similar:

Feather necklace:
Amanda Richardson (TT founder)

Thunderbird necklace:
Yours truly (me)


Jeans & tank:

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