Hi! I'm Rachel & I have a fringe addiction

WARNING: prepare your eyes, it's a long read. 


I'm gonna go ahead & get this outta the way early, real early in the game. If you're coming here looking for some cut off jorts (jean shorts), plaid tops, thrown on with our "shit kickers" aka boots, you've came to the wrong place. 

We (all three of us turquoise teepee ladies) think that the world has completely misconstrued the 'cowboy lifestyle' & western industry & it's our hopes to slowly change that. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I don't own all three of the items that I listed above, minus shit kickers. Those I don't own. I own boots, they're my passion & much to beautiful to be called 'shit kickers!' Besides, where in the hell did that phrase come from!? Seriously, whose out their kickin shit!? Just curious....

Anyhow, those are three items you will not find thrown together in an outfit post talking about the rodeo, or concert we went to this weekend. That's wrong. All wrong. Please for the sake of the 'long live legacy of cowboys & cowgirls' pleaseeee, I'm begging you to stop wearing that outfit to these events, or any event in general, and calling yourself a cowboy or cowgirl. In this lifestyle, to be considered or called a 'cowboy or cowgirl' is a very sacred thing. Most of them that are that legacy, are too humble to consider themselves that. So do yourself a favor & stop calling yourself a cowboy & or cowgirl & rockin them jean shorts, crinkled cowboy hats, with your boots. I'll thank you & the world will thank you. 

Wheeeeewwwww (if there was a sweat wiping emoji insert it here) now that all that hooplah is outta the way....back to your regularly scheduled post in 3...2...1...

Hi! My name is Rachel & I'm a  fringe-aholic. 

They say the first part to breaking an addiction is admitting it. So y'all heard it hear, first hand, I'm addicted to fringe in a bad way. But to be honest, I'm not sure I wanna break the habit. 

I'm lucky enough to work for one of the greatest, if not the greatest company in the world & the innovative leader in the western fashion industry, Ariat international, and I'm even luckier that they send me to cool places to work. I headed up to Calgary Canada the beginning of July for the Calgary Stampede rodeo where I picked myself up this lil fringe filly of a jacket. It's blue leather was something so original & so beautiful I couldn't pass it up. Plus it's fringe & we've already established I'm addicted, so ya.....that lil baby is a true blue american jacket now. My jeans are the new trousers out this fall by Ariat, and they fit fabulous for this ' athletic legged' as some people like to call it, I prefer 'thunder thighed' woman. The flare on the bottom is so perfect for that vintage look I'm into right now, and wide enough to cover the lil closed toe boot wedges I just gave a makeover too. I'll do a post later on how you can getcha self some $13 dollar booties & give em a makeover for a more original, unique more expensive lookin bootie, still, for $13 bucks!  

Oh hey! Still Rachel....I'm a turquoise junkee also, that habits not gonna break, ever!!! It's a great one that was passed down from the most beautiful woman to walk the earth, my Grum. 

She's a babe! Seriously! She passed down my jacket, lipstick, and turquoise addiction & I love her even
more for it. One day I'll do a fashion post with her, & y'all's jaws will drop when you see her ravishing self. Anyway, that sassy lil lady helped the other most beautiful & sassy woman ever, (my mammasita) pick out thee beautiful necklace & concho belt I'm rockin straight from the Navajo nation in Arizona near where my Grum lives, and I grew up. Seriously y'all if you're lookin for new turquoise, vintage turquoise, original turquoise, any kind of turquoise Northern Arizona is a hot spot to look! 

Anyway guys! I like to go on moments of word throw up & this happens to be one of em so I'm gonna go ahead & end the post meow! Any questions on anything else, or any other pieces. Ask away! 

Happy Friday! Go have fun! I give you permission! 

-Rachel Joi 

Leather fringe jacket: Kate Moss 

Trousers: Ariat 

Turquoise all of it: Arizona pawn shops 

Bangles: rue 21 

Honkytonk angel handmade cuff:
Amanda Johnston Turquoise Teepee founder

Clutch: $2 purse from rue 21 I cut the straps off & added a rivet to turn it into a clutch 

Hand painted booties & fringe tassel necklace: 
Rachel Beeler (me) 

Last but not least....finally gotta take break from photo biz & shoot some guns & watch the sun go down on the ranch with my handsome fiancĂ© & loving future in laws 


  1. Thank you for discussing the tied up plaid shirts, shit kickers, and Tim McGraw taco straw hats. There is nothing more that drives me nuts. So thank you!

  2. Absolutely!!! Were here to change to way the world looks at the western lifestyle & take it back to an elegant, classic, privelaged lifestyle that it is.