Out on the ranch

Manda Belle & Amanda had a chance to model in a recent photo shoot. The shoot featured rugs by American Dakota (which are gorgeous) and was shot by the talented Jelly Cocanougher. The shoot took place on a ranch in Decatur, Texas and we had the coolest backdrop - a teepee! Which by the way are way tougher to set up than you'd expect, thankfully there are no photos of that ordeal! There were about a million grasshoppers flying around, it was hot, humid and we may have even done a little off-roading. Photo shoots aren't always as glamorous as they seem but we're definitely up for a challenge! We styled our outfits to coordinate with the rugs and with each other. We fixed our make up and jumped in front of the camera as the sun went down. Jelly did a nice job of using the natural light and it really showed off all of the layers, patterns and texture. You can check out the rugs at www.americandakota.com

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