Deals and Heels!

I am very split in my fashion choices. I like main stream high end fashion while also loving anything that nods western. So anything that allows me to mix the two, I'm all over it! While in Nashville I found these Sam Edelman cowhide heels. I literally died! (and yes for those of you who are weird about "literally" I do know the definition and am exaggerating) Ok, now that that is cleared up, I can move on. After recovering from the dying, I made my purchase and have been in love with these ever since!

Side note on heels, have you tried the Dr. Scholls Ball of Foot Cushions? I usually have them in all my heels but forgot to grab a pair, and I was cussing myself pretty quickly. I can wear my heels hours longer before my feet start to hurt. One thing to keep in mind is the added room needed for them when buying shoes. You can't see them, and why be in discomfort if there is a simple fix? Especially if you can't walk gracefully through the pain...Yes, people can tell...Save yourself and don't be that person! And, if you still can't walk even with inserts, stick to flats.

The slacks I found at TJ Maxx and like the polished southwest print (and the price, who doesn't like a deal?). I usually pair a blazer with them but the day was too warm. I am sure you will come to know my obsession with blazers as the blog goes on...  The outfit called for minimal jewelry, my black onyx squash blossom earrings and a topaz ring. With my dark hair the black onyx blends in, making them a little more subtle. 

Slacks:TJ Maxx
Heels: Sam Edelman Desiree, sadly these are sold out everywhere! But I did find a similar pair below.

Giancito Rossie $840

Earrings: Mine are vintage, but I found some alternatives.

A budget version: The Cocky Cowgirl $14

Sterling Onyx: Two Grey Hills $125

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