Hippie Cowgirl?

                 Hippie cowgirl?

Yes contradictory, but it's what I am. 

I won't go in full blown to either one saying I'm a hippie or a cowgirl, hell I'm barely half of either of those. 

I'm a little bit of a free spirit, who grabs life by the horns, anyone relate? 

I'm very good at being a boss & giving people direction. When it's chaos, or party planning, or a ton of people trying to put together a plan that are indecisive, I'm really good at telling people where to go & what to do & putting a plan in place. 

I wasn't always like this, it wasn't until college that I finally found myself. In high school I was still my dorky self, but quiet & kept to myself, I don't have those memories of party's on Friday nights or the hangovers on Saturday. In fact I never once drank in high school, and to be honest I'm glad that I didn't. My Friday nights were usually spent at practice for one of the many sports I played, or spent hanging out with my parents, and that I don't regret at all. I'm their biggest fan. I'm a homebody & totally not afraid to admit it, even now, as crazy & eventful as my life is, my favorite days are the ones spent at my house on our ranch in the middle of no where. No technology, no movie theaters or restaurants or any things of that sort around and I love it, just good music, handsome, and fresh air...It refreshes & rejuvenates me. 

So, going to college & getting out of my small hometown where politics on different things rule, I was able to figure out me, & who I truly wanted to be. And somewhere in that process I found out I can be stern & give directions during chaotic times. But pull it off in a laid back & go with the flow attitude all at the same time,  It's a trait if mine I love & am grateful for. During that time (college) I figured out a lot about myself not just certain personality traits, but, style included. 

I'm a gal that goes for comfort 80% of the time. Black is my favorite color to wear, I love throwing on all of my vintage turquoise & a dark lipstick & goin. Now with all that being said, I love different, and vintage. My mom & sister are the thriftiest thrift store finders out there. Seriously! For example my sister found a squash blossom for 10 bucks, my mom has found me numerous real leather vests, fringe, color, cool shit....is my point for like 3 bucks a piece. So they have added to my addiction & need to be different & not wear something everyone else will have, and that had a story, a lil life of it's own. 

Today's outfit was from a wonderful lunch I had with my dear friend Stacy at Pearls icehouse in San Angelo. It's so damn adorable! And the food was bomb. It was such a rainy drizzly morning so I wasn't to concerned about curling my hair & I definitely didn't want to wear it down so when it got wet it stuck to my face & made me resemble a wet dog, not pretty. So I opted for braids & a floppy hat. 

Guys, I got so many compliments on my hair this day & it is so damn easy! I can do a tutorial later on how too. But for now I'll tell ya, fish tails & pull pieces apart. That easy. 

I found this bad ass copper thunderbird pin from the 50's, in Arizona last week for $3 buckaroos, and the copper thunderbird cuff with it for 20 bucks . You bet! I threw the pin on my floppy for an added touch, through on the most comfortable shirt ever that my sweet friend Becka from Kiki La Rue gave me, they're called a piko top & they fit & feel amazing & they have like every color. This ones in peach & goes great with my turquoise. Added with my Ariat skinnys coming out spring '15 & my go to ranch work boots, with that vintage flair & I was ready for my hot date with my gorgeous friend. 

It was a wonderful day spent with lots of laughing & catching up & enjoying this west texas rain. 

Happy Thursday guys! 

Adios ✌️

-Rachel Joi 

And yes this is my fox of a friend Stacey, she gorgeous, I know. It's ok to be jealous. I know i am. Not only is she gorg but she's got the sweetest, coolest soul & vibe out there. I'm lucky to call her a friend.