Hitting Up The Arcade

One of my favorite things is a denim shirt. And its possible I have a few...from light to dark blue, black to color toned-I Love Em! Spending a casual day at the arcade with my niece and nephew, I tried my hand at some Skeeball and this Jurassic Park game. I don't think I was half bad at either, if I do say so myself! Although, to be fair, the shoot the dinosaur one...I was playing with a two year old.

I like to pair contrasting denim rather than exact matches. With my skin and hair tone I wear copper jewelry more frequently than sterling. Or I mix the two. 

Denim Shirt-Abound (found at Nordstrom)

Boots- Double H

Bracelets on far left- Mad Cow Co.

Bracelets-Navajo Artists and Vintage

Large Turquoise Necklace-Navajo Artist

Thin Turquoise Necklace- One of my designs!

Sterling Navajo Pearls-.Southwest Silver Gallery

3 Stone Ring- Mad Cow Co.

Single Stone Turquoise Ring-Vintage

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