I'm busier then a buffalo in a roller skatin herd

Gals, guys, peeps, friend.....Hi!

Remember me?

Rachel......anyone...(cricket, cricket)

I know, I know! It's been a decade and a day! And I'm sorry for that. Have you ever been so busy you wished there were more hours in the day!? No? Maybe? Yes! Hmmm...

 Seriously! I'm so dadgum busy I literally don't have time to paint my nails, or take out my contacts. That's too time consuming theses days. Sad huh. Please don't revert back to this post when the beauty posts start popping up, I swear I do at least shower (when I have time, ha!) & get ready. 

So what's keeping me so busy!? Well first off my absolutely wonderful job. I am always working even after the normal hours, responding to emails, traveling, PR whatever it may be, my life is 24/7 Ariat, and I love it. My passion for boots is seriously ridic. Oh well. On top of that & most importantly, I'm getting marrrrrieeeedddd! Yep! It's fabulous, & wonderful, & super duper, and every other happy adjective you can think of! It's like eating your favorite fattening, delicious food (mine being prime rib, medium rare) every single day & not getting fat, but getting skinnier. That's how great marrying my best friend is. So ya wedding planning is full blown, and surprisingly going so easy! Y'all will be gettin lots of weddin posts so sit down, buckle up & hold on to your butt! Not that those two things would keep me super busy as is, but Zack (my handsome fiancĂ©) and I are doing a complete live in house remodel. And that is not gonna lie, hell. It's coming along & I'm finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. But seriously guys, it's hell. Don't ever do a live in remodel, especially if you're OCD house obsessive like I am. And to top it all off I'm designing shirts for a fabulous boutique 'Chica Chula' check it out, while designing shirts, posters, CDs & so forth for my fiances band Dolly Shine, once again check em out. They're amazing, and I'm not just saying that cause I'm marrying the lead singer. Seriously they're bad mammajammmas. Oh ya and I'm doing leather work in there when I can. Keep in mind I drive a minimum of 5 hours a day. Oh and don't think I forgot about y'all and writing pieces for this superb blog. 

What's sleep? 

So sadly, I haven't had time to do an outfit post so instead I'm gonna go ahead & post a bunch of random pictures off my iPhone to give y'all a peak into my day to day life. 

Mmmmmkkkk. Seriously. Miss this, miss y'all, miss writing. See you soon oh so soon. 

P.S- my fabulous sister is gonna take care of my non polished nails for me this weekend, because this lil lady is trying on wedding dresses. Wish me luck. 

P.S.S- I just took out my contacts for the first time in a week & I could cry, actually I think I am, my eyes won't stop watering. It's so wonderful & tearful all at the same time. 

Adios Amigas 

Hangin with handsome at Jo's coffee in Austin, Tx 

Shirt design 

Hangin out in the barn on the ranch I was born & raised on....which happens to be where I'll be getting married. 

Quick lil leather thunderbird necklace I did up 

Scoping out some chairs for mi casa 

Watchin handsome kill it at a Rednecks With Paychecks 

Painting red marble walls in our Master Bath 

Headin out to the Cowboy Saloon in Wyoming 

Goin all googly eyes over these old gringo, hellooooo wedding boots (maybe)

Helpin feed & check cows with this monster 

Pre paint of the booties 

Finally got my favorite girls hung up on my paper bag wall. 

Side note: the cigarette sign is from grandpa & great grandfathers mechanic shop from 40's 

Handsome trying to hug our pet deer, fluffy isn't having it. 

Sneaky peeky of a shirt design 

Goin turquoise hunting. Of course 

My thoughts on 6:30 am flights. Ladies look good when flying & going to walmart. Let's go old school & be classy. 

At the worlds largest teepee in Medicine Hat Canada 

Poster & ladies shirt designs 
NFR prep stress dressin. It's comin sooooooo soon y'all.

Kissin handsome goodbye before the sun comes up. Tears. Were gone apart far too much 

Workin on bridesmaid boxes 

Shopping at my favorite place ever....etsy. $9 find. Suckas. 

$10 Catalina short brim silver belly handsome found from Justin outlet. Ya boy. 

1950's copper concho hat band....once again hello etsy. I love you. 

A couple clutches I made & finished up for my favorite ladies. 

Hangin in feeder bins, with some of my favorite ladies....some do yoga, some run, some drunk to relieve stress. I hike & hang with cows. 

Checkin calves & laughing at handsomes a counting skills. 

And last but not least, lipstick less on the days I rise with the sun. 

Adios for real amigas

-Rachel Joi 


  1. Excuse, but I am loving what yall are doing. I remember when yall were talking about starting up the blog and to see it all come to life from just chats to real life is amazing. So happy for you all and especially you Rach! I love seeing your life fall together so perfectly for you. Love you!

  2. Love this blog so so so much. My fave instagrammers on a blog.. could it be more perfect?!?!
    ps - where did you find that shower curtain. Its fantastic!
    pps- I love you, Zack & all your pictures.
    ok Im done. :)

  3. Love yalls blog! Is there a way to order your leather work? This momma need a new purse. Have you ever done medicine bags....the hubs would love some new ones!

  4. Hi! Where did you find the chairs in this post? They're amazing and I'd love to have some for a dining room table.