If Only I Could Actually Candle Desert Rain! Oh, and here is my outfit...

So I wake up to the sound of pouring, I mean pouring, rain. If you have ever been in the desert when it rains you know why it is so incredible. First, it's exciting! Rain doesn't happen every day, or even every 6 months. But for me it is the smell of the desert sage and blooming flowers! Plus the smell of the rain.....I mean, amazing! On top of that everything looks greener. Keep in mind a day ago it was 90 degrees. That is what inspired my look of the day. Even though I love super dark colors, in this part of the country fall starts late. Allowing a little extra time for mixing summer with fall looks.

The bright blouse made my turquoise pop and I loved with my leather jacket (which was a present from our own dear Rachel. Thanks girl!) The Lucchese boots are one of my go to's. Even though I have a few red styles, this seems to be the pair I grab.

A running theme in our posts is heirloom jewelry. Vintage turquoise rocks my world! (Get it....???) Although most of the pieces in this look were my Great Grandmothers, I am forever collecting and will do a post on what to look for when purchasing Native American jewelry. If you know what you are looking at you can get some amazing deals or pay way too much. Aside from the cost, supporting an amazing artist can be worth it. Some of my biggest fashion regrets are not purchasing one of a kind jewelry that I truly loved! 




Jeans- Earnest Sewn, style:Fancy

Leather Jacket- 

Bracelets- Vintage

Chunky Turquoise Necklace-Vintage

Thin Turquoise Necklace- made by me!

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