Rootin tootin boot post tuesday

A Lil background on yours truly.....

I have worked in western wear all throughout my college years. Born and raised on a ranch the first 22 years of my lil ol life, took a break of ranch living to do the college thing & figure out 'me' & now here I am living on a wonderful ranch for the rest of my lil ol' life with my handsome fiancĂ©, all while working for a wonderful boot company Ariat, which keeps me up to date on todays western wear trends.

So that bring us to today's beaut. BOOTS. They make not only my feet happy but my heart happy. I'm addicted I tell you, in a bad way. I have never once in my entire life paid full price for a pair of boots, awesome I know! Yes working in western wear has had it's benefits, but, there are other ways to get smokin deals on great boots! Today I will be tellin y'all how I got these Old Gringo boots, at this price.

$75.00 originally $420.00 at most stores.

First you should know a little about boots and how they should fit. Your boots should always be a little tight at first (if they are 100% leather)  they will stretch out to form to your foot. Make sure you have about a 1/4" to 1/2" slip in the heel so y'all don't get nasty blisters. Make sure you love them! If you don't love them, you won't wear them, they won't form to your foot, you'll get blisters, be unhappy, and probably take it out on a loved one! Sooooo for the sake of a beautiful boot and your loved ones, make sure you are a beloved owner, who will love them and take care of them properly, and they feel and fit great.

Boot brands, there are numerous ones out there! Some of my personal favorites are, Old Gringo, Ariat, Lucchese, Sonora, Tony Llama, Corral, Lane, Freebird, Rod Patrick, Justin, M.L. Leddys, and to finish out some of my top favorites Macy Bean. These are ones I have found to be good for my needs, fashion, work, and daily use.

Today were talkin about Old Gringo, Old Gringos are some of the most extravagant, beautiful, well detailed, handmade, great fitting boots out there. They are on the higher end of boots regarding quality and craftsmanship, resulting in the higher prices. Totally worth the higher prices, your feet will thank you. Plus you will get compliments from hundreds of people on their beauty.

So how did I get these old gringos at such a great price......if you know me, you know my mother and her bargain shopping skills, which she passed down to me, which leads to me and my love for boots. My latest addiction, vintage boots, which led to these gorgeous new baby's of mine. Oh ps....I just am obsessed with etsy I literally buy random things from it constantly such as turquoise, belts, conchos, vintage hats, robes, custom jewelry to lord knows what with the way my mind works. What does etsy have to do with beautiful Old Gringo boots, everything (in this case)! Me and my two loves, etsy and vintage boots, went hand in hand in a search together and waaaaallllaaaaa to my eyes they popped up! Many beautiful vintage boots popped up, some in good condition, others need some loving. But my new baby's were right there screaming my name especially for the price of $75.00 I found them from a vintage boot store on etsy, little did this boot store know Old Gringo boots are not vintage, in fact the company did not even begin until the year 2000, so to see that they were Old Gringo boots, in greaaaaat condition for $75.00 I could not pass up the deal. Yes, I was trustworthy buying used boots from a store on etsy, but after reading the reviews I trusted a Lil more, and with my background and ability to put some tender living care into boots I knew if they showed up in horrible condition I could bring them back to life, so here we are, brand new boots (for me) they showed up in fabulous shape, a Lil scuff on the toe, after some conditioning and lovin they are like new again!

I'm happy, which makes other people happy, whom make other people happy, it is a continuous cycle all because I got a great deal on gorgeous boots! So go buy yourself some gorgeous boots for a great deal and make the world a happier place!

Take a chance on etsy, or antique store boots. Look online at western sites such as Drysdales or NRS at their sale boots I have bought many beautiful boots at great prices there as well, but we will save those boots, and those brands for our next rootin tootin boot post Tuesday. If you aren't quite sure of a brand of boots, if the price is good, the fit of the boot, or an other boot questions. Feel free to get ahold of me, anytime! I love to help, especially giving a pair of boots a new home.

And if you must have the boots I have they are Old Gringo boots and the style is the Villa.

Good day my beauty's.

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