Vday giveaway. Turquoise Teepee style

Hey all we have a sweet giveaway comin y'all's way, not sweet like the chocolate, but SA-WEEEET, ya know? And I might add they're a heck of a lot prettier then those roses you may or may not get.

You may not know it but us ladies here at The Turquoise Teepee are all pretty dang creative gals & pretty handy with our hands (get it?). Anyhow, we all created something to give away this Valentine's Day that reflects not only our own personal style, but the western lifestyle, all while being able to transition over to the modern fashion lifestyle.

Here's what's up for grabs:
A Wild Weed Co. Navajo clutch handcrafted by Rachel

A pair of FlorieB Sunset Collection earring by Manda Belle

HDwest Prickly Pear necklace by Amanda

Click the form below to enter! 3 lucky winners will be chosen. US residents only.
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  1. Loving the giveaway items ladies!! <3

  2. Thanks to the world of instagram I found you all. LOVE your style, fashion, and creativity! If only there was more western influence in the state of Missouri- I swear I am living in the wrong part of the country and quite possibly the wrong decade. :)