Crafty redo

So this Monday morning it just hit me that it is March. How can this be? I swear it was just nfr, Christmas & New year's Eve.....ahhh, time goes by way too quickly! Well I heard March is National Craft Month and I think we mighta mentioned  that us Turquoise Teepee ladies are all kinda crafty, I thought it might be neat to share a diy project or two. I paint e v e r y d a y but this project was a little different from the usual. Sometimes it's nice to switch it up, try a new out new canvas & leave the leather to the side for a bit.

I started out with this little night stand....or maybe it's a side table? Kinda ugly right? Dindgy white & gold (or was it blue & black? Haha I'm still confused by that dress -did anyone else see lilac & mustard? Or am I the only one??)  Anyhow, off white & gold isn't really my style but the piece was sturdy, well made and FREE! My g-ma found it curbside somewhere & figured I might be able to do something with it!

Here's what I did to spruce it up...
Just grabbed some fine sandpaper & gave the whole thing a light sanding. The finish wasn't too shiny so it made my job easy. Once that was done I dusted it off, and grabbed a trusty old paint brush and a some paint from the garage -yay for free paint sample days at Ace Hardware. 
Sorry for the TERRIBLE photo quality, I started this project about half an hr before sunset and ended up doing a little painting in the dark. This totally made my dad cringe but hey the whole uneven dry brush look was what I was going for.  
Once it was dry I scuffed the edges & brought it into the house to paint the fun stuff! Just a little Navajo inspired designs, and arrow & a thunderbird or two. I decided it needed more scuffing so I got out my sander & went a little crazy on it, I also added some stain to the raw wood peeking through. I posted my freshly painted nightstand on my instagram & few of you suggested a coat of poly. I ended up using satin Wipe-On Poly & it worked perfect, love how the finish turned out. Insta can be super helpful, thanks ladies!

Here's the finished product!

Do you have any crafty redos planned? We'd love to see your Turquoise Teepee inspired projects -tag us in your posts. Hope everyone has a super crafty March!


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