Keeping Your Lips Pretty!


If you need to dress up an outfit or enjoy being a gal, one of the best things you can do is putting on some lipstick!

We work long days, and many times without any sort of real break. So being able to touch up our makeup is a luxury seldom obtainable. Plus, fixing your lips after every time you take a drink? Umm, no thanks! On the search for makeup with staying power we have tried A LOT of "long lasting" lip sticks, stains, the works. From drugstore to any high end brand, there has not been one that will stay put longer than the Covergirl Outlast Lipcolor.  Length always depends on how oily you are. But as far as we go, and research I've done, 6+ hours seems to be the norm before small touchups. Plus its only $7.99 at Target! Keep some notes in mind:

  • Step one: Exfoliate those lips! If your lips are peeling lipstick will peel and draw attention to the issue. Heat up lips with warm water and a wash cloth, then use a gentle exfoliant. When traveling I use the sugar packets that come in my hotel room coffee packs.
  • If you cake it on, it will flake off. It is better to do two thin layers, if one does not give you the color payoff you want.
  • DO NOT put the the clear coat on for at least 20 min.
  • Do not eat or drink for the same 20 min. It needs time to totally set.
  • If you do need to, touch up just the area that has come off. 
  • You will need makeup remover, oil, or a very good cleanser to remove it.

We hope you enjoy! If you are one of the winners or get it for yourself :)

*On the Instagram video, stain was said at one point. But we liked the ending too much to make another one :) It is not the lip stain, this is the lip color. 


  1. Just out of curiosity gals, what are your favorite shades of this lipcolor?
    Y'all are gorgeous! Love the blog!

    1. Jesi-
      We have tried sooo many of these colors. But our faves are: Ever Red-dy 507, truly a red that looks good on almost everyone and does not have sparkle. Naturalist 545 and Plum Berry 559 are also great!