Our Spring Shopping List!

Spring is finally here ladies! Here is a peak into our shopping lists to hit the season with style.

These are amazing! I love the twist on the classic!
Ombre Squash Blossom Necklace Oranges $375.00

Hairon and beads? Enough said. Drop the mic...
Lida' Espadrille Skimmer Flat $174.95

Some fun tees are always a need and easy to dress up with a blazer or statement necklace. I love this one!
'Check Your Ego Amigo' V-Neck Tee $26.00

ASOS Gray Stripe Cape $45.00

This is the one on my dreamin list!
Etro Dreamcatcher $4065.00

Picture you wearing a big turquoise ring and holding this thing! I die!

Floral Clutch $68.00

Foiled Flora Suede Bomber by Muubaa $495.00

BCBG Owen Bonded Skirt on sale for $118.00

I always need totes for work. Traveling as much as I do I like to have a few price point ones so I don't wear out my investment pieces. Plus a girl needs to mix it up.
Warm Aztec by Cynthisonfire $18.77

The price point and color makes this a great layering piece.
Paper Crane Faux Suede Fringe Vest $49.00

Its hard to tell from the picture, but the detail in the hand woven leather is gorgeous!
Sonora MAKAYLA $289.99

Being tall, I love a full length dress or skirt.
Free People Maxi $88.00

I've been on the look out for some vintage Navajo hair pins. I haven't found the perfect ones yet, but I really think it is a must have for me!

-Manda Belle

Items I'm straight up digging this spring....

So happy spring y'all, this sunshine is making this Arizona girl happier then y'all know. I was seriously about to pack up my bags & high tail home just to see some sun. Anywho, with my wedding coming up (87) days away, eeeek & all the festivities that go along with it such as my bridal shower & bachelorette party and what not, definitely has my spring fashion finds geared more towards that, my big ol, crazy wedding. With all that being said here is what I am loving for Spring 15'....

Pink, pastels, floral, & girly.....

I am loving anything and everything vintage floral dresses, swimsuits, cupcake dresses, high heels, wedges, & fitted dresses,  Which btw ladies let's take a minute to talk about fitted dresses, I'm having the hard realization that I am no longer a 'junior' when it comes to shopping, yes I still by stuff in the junior section & will probably continue doing so for a while, I love a cheap tee & cute maxi, but when It comes to dresses I have learned that shopping in the women's section & paying a little more will take you a long way, they are actually built around women's bodies & tailored around a gal with curves (such as myself) so do yourself a favor you voluptuous women, get yourself a tailored dress. Here are some girly things that I have my eyes on. 

http://m.asos.com on sale for $106

www.sherrihill.com $750 (Zack seriously get on your music career bud, I wanna wear pretty dresses) 

www.albionfit.com $128

www.rayban.com $210

www.asos.com $133

Nudes, denim, turquoise, braids, & glitter....

I am obsessing over Ralph Lauren's double RRL & denim & supply lines lately, I feel they are so super classic, Americana, western, & romantic inspired. All basically my wedding theme, not to mention I'm always a sucker for turquoise....& Ralph ;) so here are a few from his recent lines & others that I've been trying to channel lately with items I already own. 

Graphic tees, flare jeans, vintage look alike boots, & boho sandles...

So with all my running around between my day job, our ranch, traveling, zacks music, & wedding stuff I need a basic, comfy go to outfit & right now my throw together daily look has been unique graphic tees, flares (I'm obsessed, buh-bye skinnies), & cool boots to dress it all up. Here are some I'm eyeing or already have....

www.buymebrunch.com $28

www.lookhuman.com $28

www.idywild.com $36

www.buckle.com $118

These custom Emonk Ibizas contact them though their Facebook, prices vary. 

Ariat starling 
www.ariat.com $200

Peace & hippie grease y'all ✌️

-Rachel Joi

I don't know what it's like where you are but here in Southern California it basically went from winter to summer overnight & I've found myself in desperate need for springtime clothes (Maybe I'm being a little dramatic but I have been having many of those really awful I have nothing to wear days...you know what I'm talking about). I gotta get shoppin!

~here's some Spring inspo~
I always like the spring festival looks - bells, boho flowy tunics, tribal & a little floral. 
keeping it laid back & easy breezy this season


On the Open Road Lace Tunic

Free People $128

The Rhett
Wild Blue $47

Swell Afternoon Delight Bell Pants 
Swell $49.45

Surf Gypsy Geo Ombre Shorts
The Rollin J Boutique $32.99

Fringe Crossbody Bag 
swell $59.45

Handpainted by The Turquoise Forest $65

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  1. I love & adore the Turquoise frenge sandles, Brown in color. I found them on Pinterest but can't seem to place order for them. I lovvvvve them a lot and my bday is Sept. 5th and would love to rock them out that day..please help. Mistyabrams1990@gmail