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I'm running on 5 hours of sleep right now, and I'm a hardcore 8 hour-er kinda gal when it comes to sleep, so excuse me & my writing today. 

This is one post I'm super excited to do, and it's one that I have been slacking on. I'm the worst at time management. 

Today I'm featuring one of my very favorite boutiques, it's one of the most original boutiques I have seen out there, which I am all about originality. It carries some of my favorite brands, Pendleton & Bandit Brand to name a couple, and she always has the most beautiful selections of squash blossoms & turquoise. So without further ado here is a short & sweet interview with the ever so beautiful & wonderful Lindsay Cranek of Vaquera Style, followed by some pictures with the help of my trustee steeds, haha just messing, with the help of some of my very favorite ladies to come into my life, they helped me out by modeling some of my favorite pieces of Vaquera Styles boutique. 

Ps- be sure to read all the way thru the interview, the last answer is my favorite, & their might be another little surprise down there ;) (do people still use winky faces? I just did, yikes! Like I said 5 hours of sleep guys) 

What made you want to open the most awesome boutique this side of the Mississippi?

I started with Native American jewelry about 12 years ago. I went into a wholesale jewelry place in Santa Fe on a whim and immediately saw things there that I knew I could sell to friends and acquaintances.  The other clothing, accessories & home goods came about later because I was just so tired of seeing the same thing. I like to give folks something fresh and different. And, offer things not normally sold in a trade show setting.

And, my husbands business is busy, so the traveling part of my little ol' business helps to settle my wanderlust a bit, while not really affecting him!

Who inspires you (style wise)?

Ralph Lauren, Millicent Rogers, Sienna Miller, Nicole Ritchie, Grace Kelly (crazy mix, right!)! I am personally friends with the designer of Consuela, and she inspires me with her style, of course, but mostly with her business sense and attitude about turning that style into a successful brand

Where is the best place you have traveled to with Vaquera? 

I did a cutting horse show in Franklin, TN just outside of Nashville. There was a private Brooks & Dunn concert for the cutters and vendors, and all the fun of Music City, too! It wasn't my best show, but definitely fun. If only fun could pay those bills!

Describe Vaqueras style...

Mexi-eclectic! We love folk art, handcrafted goods, one of a kind accessories, cool vintage finds and of course Native American Jewelry!

What do you looks for in clothing, home goods, jewlery, etc when you are buying for Vaquera? 

artisan influence. I love embroidery, hand painting, hand looming, silver work, free trade goods...I really don't think of price much at all. It's all art to me, whether its wearable, a textile, or an item for  your wall or  display case?

Any style recommendations for the turquoise teepee followers? 

I don't think Turquoise Teepee followers have problems with style! But i'd say just be true to yourself. It's ok to let some of those crazy trends pass without jumping on them. Not everyone is suited for very trend. As I get older, I am just so much more comfortable living MY style not everyone else's. and, don't be afraid to invest in a great piece of clothing or jewelry that will be timeless for YOU. You won't regret it!

What's you're favorite piece that you own?

I have a very collectable Don Lucas concho belt that was featured in a book...and I bought it with Savings Bond money my grandad had given me over many years. It didn't seem right to just pay bills with that money, I wanted something that would endure! It's art to me, and hangs on my wall! I love to display my jewelry, belts & boots in the house.

Any last words or advice? 

I tell my husband, silver is a great retirement investment...I choose to have mine in Native American  jewelry! 

The beautiful Lindsay Cranek of Vaquera Style 

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Thanks lady loves! Keep tuned for more interviews from some of our favorite people in the western industry! 

Rachel Joi 

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