Mountain Hideaway

Getting back into the swing of things after a hiding away in the mountains for a bit. The pine trees and the cool mountains made for a nice change of scenery. Fishing, hiking, hanging out on the boat, campfires and a weak phone signal made for a nice week. I stopped and did a little shopping (ok...a lot) and just about every little trading post along 395.

I ended up with some good finds, think I ended up a bunch of rings I should probably cool it on the rings but they were good deals! My collection of them is over flowing eeek.

 I also found a cool old Arizona Highways magazine from 1950 -I didn't even go through AZ but it had tons of cool old cactus illustrations in it, I think I'll make some wall art out of em...stay tuned for those! 

And of course I couldn't let a pretty backdrop go to waste, a little ootd shoot out among the forest. My poor sister took my photos and was just about eaten alive by mosquitoes, sorry Ri, thanks for all ya do sis! Check out this t - who wouldn't want a shirt with a caddy with horns on it?? Check out the Velvet Steer Co. for some cool new t's! (They're on Facebook.

I paired it with a pair of skinnies, Sonora boots and a shaggy vest (I wore it once in Vegas for nfr, excited for cooler weather so I can bring out the layers!) Oh btw I cut the neck out of my shirt. 

Well anyhow I'll leave ya with a few views from my trip...

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