Because Sterling Weighs A Lot!

One of the loves of my life is most defiantly jewelry!

I have acquired a collection of vintage and collectable pieces that I love to put to use. But, if you are a frequent traveler, you know that having things stolen from your luggage is bound to happen! I have had accessories, jeans, and even a leather jacket taken. Keep in mind that accessories are not covered by the airlines, if they are stolen. It is only large articles of clothing and shoes. So, pretty much only the things that would be difficult to steal. If it can be easily concealed, you are out of luck...

For this reason you should NEVER put your jewelry in your luggage!!!!!!! Along with sun glasses, nice purses, or other accessories you will miss. 

Because of the constant traveling, carrying around a purse or bag with 10 lbs of sterling can sometimes sound awful when you add on a computer, kindle, headphones, and camera! For this reason, if I am going somewhere and don't want to deal with an extra bag of jewelry in my carry on items, I will bring along some fun quality price point items that do not weigh as much as a baby.

Genuine June is a fantastic company, with some unique and fun designs! I love that her designs are always changing (I hate to match!) and are perfect for *just because* gifts for your lady friends with the price range $12-$32.

Check her out on her Etsy Genuine June Designs, or follow her on Instagam to find out which shows and markets she will be in if you are in Arizona!

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