Thoughts on my mind with an outfit

Hey guys!

Long time no talk! 

Sorry bout that, i know y'all understand how life works & how crazy it gets. Seems like it's just easier to post a quick tidbit here and there on Instagram. Life has been wonderful lately, well other then the fact that all the best musicians are heading to that big beautiful place in the sky. 

I've been working on a new project with my leatherwork called MesteƱo, it's something I'm super passionate about & excited to see all the opportunities it presents me with. If you want check out @mesteno_co on Instagram to see what it's all about. 

We have a bottle baby on the ranch right now named jack, and let's just say If I could keep him in my house without getting caught, you know who I would be cuddling with every night. 

Zack has been floored with music lately, they're getting ready for their latest record to come out on June 10th, it's called walkabout and I am telling you guys its top knot! Be sure to check out Dolly Shine music for all the latest updates & for a show near you. 

June & July are going to be crazy, my baby brother gets married & then I head to Nashville for CMA fest, then from there it's basically up to Calgary for the Calgary Stampede & then all over for the rest of the summer. One day I'll be home long enough to finish our house remodel. 

Anyhow that was a lot of somber thoughts & a lil bit of catch up in my life. Here's some pictures of an outfit that is perfect for summer days or nights. 

The top can be tucked in or out I picked it up at from Hazels Fashion Wagon. 

The shorts are H&M

The turquoise buckle was made by Missy Redford at Redford Ranch style

Bed stu sandals I picked up at Teskeys.

Clutch handmade by me @mesteno_co 

Custom shaped arrowhead American hat from the best guys at Best Hat store in Fort Worth 

Closing thought for the day. 
Rest easy Guy Clark, see you & Townes on the other side. 

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