about us

John Wayne & Audrey Hepburn's creative love child, adorned in turquoise, feathers & boots. Elegance on the dusty desert trail. The Turquoise Teepee is an original western fashion blog.

Here is a bit about us...

This is a bit of an intro for those I have not had the pleasure to meet in person. I currently reside in the great state of Texas! But am from the even GREATER state of Arizona! (please no death threats for the mention of a state greater than Texas) I have worked in the fashion industry, primarily on the western side for 10+ years. I went to school for fashion design but feel I am at home in other parts of the industry as well.
I have always been a creative person, even watching TV is mainly listening and working on one project or another. Being creative myself, I have a deep appreciation for others with creative gifts and who make beautiful things. I believe clothing is an art and a fantastic form of expression. My greatest treasures are vintage pieces. I love knowing that something I am wearing has a history, therefore I need to do something great to expand on its story. Also, lets face it, quality is generally better in the pieces that have made it this far and are still wearable.
I am a complete Turquoise Junky!!! (something I know Amanda & Rachel will attest to as well) The stone is a reflection of who I am, where I'm from, and my western heritage. As well as just being amazing! (Mind you I meant the turquoise, but take it as you will)

-Manda Belle

My name is Rachel, 26 going on 76 I think. I'm an old soul living in a modern world. I am addicted to lipstick & turquoise. I grew up on a ranch in eastern Arizona. I have worked in fashion most of my life. Things that draw my eyes in fashion are vintage, hippie, & anything aztec. I am a sucker for adventure & adrenaline rushes. I have been told I have many layers to me & I agree they have all made me into the woman I am today.


I'm Amanda, just shy of 24, a Californian & some day hopefully sooner than later future Texan. Those late nights when you're burning the midnight oil with tons of inspiration flowing when your latest project all seems to finally come together -those are my fav!  As cliché as it sounds I've been a creative person for as long as I can remember. My creative path has taken me in many directions over the years, I eventually stumbled into the world of leather which really opened up my eyes to western fashion -the perfect niche for me to combine my first love of painting, fringe, boots & of course turquoise.